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Articles in refereed journals on the theme of global green shift



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Urban mining of e-waste is becoming more cost-effective than virgin mining, Environmental Science and Technology, 52 (8): 4835-4841 (with X. Zeng and J. Li)


Moving to a Circular Economy in China: Transforming industrial parks into eco-industrial parks, California Management Review (accepted for publication) (with Hao Tan and Mei-Chih Hu)

The Greening of China’s Energy System Outpaces its Further Blackening: A 2017 update, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 16 (9), article 2 (with Carol X Huang),


China’s Belt and Road as a Conduit for Clean Power Projects Around the World, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 16 (18), article 3 (with Carol X Huang),



China’s takeover of the port of Piraeus in Greece: Blowback for Europe, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 15 (13), article 3,


China’s Continuing Green Shift in the Electric Power Sector: Evidence from 2016 data, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 15 (10), article 4 (with Hao Tan),


China’s New Silk Road: Will it contribute to export of the black fossil-fuelled economy?, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 15 (8), article 1 (with Hao Tan),



Korea’s greening strategy: The role of smart micro-grids, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 14 (24), article 6 (with Sung-Young Kim),


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A ‘Great Reversal’ in China? Coal continues to decline with enforcement of environmental laws, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 13 (34), No. 1 (with Hao Tan),


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Mobilizing private funds to drive an energy industrial revolution, Energy Policy, (with S. Kidney, K. Mallon and M. Hughes), 38: 3263- 3265,


Articles in Nature

Countries should follow China’s lead and boost markets for water, wind and solar power technologies to drive down costs, say John A. Mathews and Hao Tan

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The country consumes the most resources in the world and produces the most waste — but it also has the most advanced solutions, say John A. Mathews and Hao Tan

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Manufacture renewables to build energy security
Lessons from China
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