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Review: Survival Governance

Professor Emeritus John Mathews has recently published a book review on China Dialogue (中外对话).

Survival Governance: Energy and Climate in the Chinese Century is the new book from Oxford University Press by Professor Peter Drahos. In this book review, Professor Mathews acknowledged that this book is a “admirable contribution” to the “hottest” topics on “why the current approaches to resolving the climate problem are not working” and what role China is anticipated to play in this respect.

Professor Mathews agreed with Drahos on that countries pursuing their national interests is “the only meaningful way” to resolve the climate problem and applauded Drahos’s analysis on “the implausibility of the alternatives to China”, such as the US, EU, Japan and India. Professor Mathews, however, is not convinced by Drahos’s application of “China’s pressure driving mechanism” and the so-called “bio-digital energy paradigm” to address how and why China implemented its industrialization strategies in favor of renewables energies and circular economy.

Read the book review on China Dialogue in English at: and in Chinese at:

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