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China’s Green Industrial Shift

Professor Emeritus John Mathews was invited by Manifesto Think Tank, a Norwegian non-profit organization based in Oslo, to write a report for its Green Industry 21 project.

This report was launched with an article, Does Norway believe that the development of green industry is delayed: Will learn from China, in one of Norway’s largest newspapers Klassekampen at:

Manifesto has also sent the report to the parties in the Norwegian Parliament, to its collaboration committee consisting of representatives from a number of Norwegian unions from the petroleum industry, power intensive industry as well as public sector and the Norwegian union of engineers, and Norway’s largest climate organisations Framtiden i våre hender and Natur og ungdom, as well as Jørgen Randers, veteran from the Norwegian business school and member of the Club of Rome.

China’s Green Industrial Shift discusses how Norway could extend its current divestment program into a domestic industrial investment program, with clear focus on green targets that complement existing industrial trends around the world – moving from divestment to green investment. The prior example of China is discussed as an exemplar of state-led greening of a vast economy, where market-shaping strategies are pursued to complement state-directed policies. This (perhaps surprising) model of market governance and green growth has the effect of driving down costs for all and opening opportunities for Norwegian companies prepared to move in a new and profitable green direction. China has demonstrated that manufacturing of renewable energy devices generates energy security, and likewise Norway can utilize renewables such as offshore wind power to drive the construction of wind power platforms and the value chains that feed them.

You can download and read the full report at

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