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“Manufacturing processes will underpin the green transition now and in the future”: An interview wit

The sunrise project is an EU program for producing chemicals from solar energy rather than electric power. Professor Emeritus John A. Mathews spoke at a meeting of the Sunrise consortium in Bologna in May, and at the same time gave an interview on his recent work. The Sunrise consortium is “aiming at a circular production of high-value chemicals using renewable electricity sources and waste carbon dioxide from industrial processes” in the short-to-medium term. In the longer term it aims to achieve the goal where “the energy input for the chemical processes is provided by sunlight, which is directly converted into chemical products.”

The interview host delved into Professor Mathews’ researches on renewables and circular economy. Which approach is more effective -- to counter climate change, building up renewables and circular economy, or keeping the focus on emissions reduction? Would EU-China collaboration in renewable energy sources be a practicable proposition? Are there economic stimulants for developed countries to embrace the green shift? How close is the world to saying farewell to fossil fuels?

Read Professor Mathews’ answers at

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