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‘John Mathews is one of the foremost political economists examining, perhaps, the central question of our time, whether, we, as a species, can devise responses to global climate change. In this book, he argues that new green technologies are already available to allow us to begin manufacturing energy and thus overcome our addiction to fossil fuels – and he argues that it is China that is leading the way in the transition.’

Martin Kenney, Professor, Community and Regional Development, University of California, USA

‘In Greening of Capitalism (GoC), Mathews musters a convincing case that East Asia (especially China) is forging a new type of industrial capitalism, a greener version of the Western model of brown capitalism.’


‘the book’s core focus…is on explaining the puzzle of China’s black skies with its

green credentials.’


‘Mathews’ book presents significant findings, which should leave little doubt that Asia is forging a new greener type of capitalism, paving the way for future studies to focus on how national actors and the international system might accelerate green growth.’

Dr. Sung-Young Kim

Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University

This insightful review of ‘Greening of Capitalism’ is published in the journal Political Science (


Click to read the full review here.

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