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Dr Shi Zhengrong




Part I Dynamics of the Green Transition


CHAPTER 1 Introduction


CHAPTER 2 Evolutionary Dynamics of Our Industrial Civilization


CHAPTER 3 Ecomodernization – with ‘Chinese Characteristics’


CHAPTER 4 Sociotechnical Transitions: A Sixth Wave 43


CHAPTER 5 No Wonder China and India Are Pursuing Green Growth Strategies So Vigorously


CHAPTER 6 Finance Now Playing a Central Role in the Green Shift


CHAPTER 7 Can the China Model Be Utilized by Other Industrializing Countries?


CHAPTER 8 Green Growth Development Strategies, Local Content Requirements and World Trade


CHAPTER 9 Farewell Fossil Fuels


Part II Sixth Wave Eco- Innovations


CHAPTER 10 Global Population Peaking …and Urbanizing


CHAPTER 11 Energy That Is Clean, Cheap, Abundant – and Safe


CHAPTER 12 Reframing Renewables as Enhancing Energy Security


CHAPTER 13 The Myths of ‘Renewistan’


CHAPTER 14 Recirculation and Regeneration of Resources (Circular Economy)


CHAPTER 15 Food and Fresh Water Production


CHAPTER 16 Energy, Water, Food for Cities: Deploying a Positive Triple Nexus


CHAPTER 17 Eco- Cities of the Future


CHAPTER 18 When Ceres Meets Gaia

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