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Welcome to the ‘Global Green Shift’ webpage, which was set up by John Mathews in July 2017 to complement the book published by Anthem Press in Feb 2017. The webpage was launched at the same time as the book was launched in Sydney, on July 14.

The rationale behind this initiative is that the issues raised by the global green shift that is currently underway will continue to evolve, and will call for updated treatment. New issues will emerge and call for fresh analysis. The webpage will document events (such as the book launch) and public appearances by the author as well as those by close collaborators. The Blog launched with this webpage will allow for contributions from collaborators and eventually for third party contributions that expand on the drivers of the global green shift. Publications by the author (and collaborators) relevant to the global green shift will be highlighted. Within the constraints of copyright, the book’s individual chapters can be downloaded from this webpage. The overall goal is to make the arguments and issues raised by the global green shift to be more accessible and relevant.

Comments are welcome.

The book was launched by Professor The Honourable Bob Carr at Gleebooks, on July 14 2017. My thanks to Bob Carr for giving the book such a splendid launch.


Jul 14 2017 Gleebooks Sydney

Global Green Shift - Book Launch

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